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Elon Musk and Tim Cook get back together to eliminate advertising and weed out software misunderstandings


Looking out from the Apple Store in Shanghai (profile photo)
Looking out from the Apple Store in Shanghai (profile photo)

Elon Musk, Tesla founder and the world’s richest man, shared the latest relationship between the two tech companies on Twitter days after accusing global mobile phone giant Apple of hating “free speech,” saying Apple had fully resumed advertising on Twitter and discussing “misconceptions” that Apple might remove Twitter downloads from the Apple Store.

Musk carried a sink into Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco. (26 October 2022)
Musk carried a sink into Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco. (26 October 2022)

Elon Musk said in a conversation in Twitter space on Saturday that Apple has “fully resumed” advertising on Twitter’s social media platform, stressing that Apple is Twitter’s largest ad publisher.

Musk was involved in several hours of discussions in the Twitter space on a private jet, but he did not provide content about Apple’s deal with Twitter. Musk tweeted on November 30 that he was invited to visit Apple Park at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, and talk to Apple President Tim Cook.

Musk thanked Cook for showing him around Apple headquarters, saying that he had a good conversation with Cook and resolved the “misconception” that Twitter might have been removed from the Apple Store in the discussion. He said Cook assured him that Apple “never considered” removing Twitter from the Apple Store platform.

Reuters reported on Sunday that this means Musk will stop criticizing Apple, but it does not mean he will stop lashing out at other companies that stop advertising on Twitter after he bought it.

Previously, Musk accused Apple of hating “free speech”, stopping spending on Twitter advertising, and making “censorship” demands.

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According to advertising data firm Pathmatics, Apple spent $131,000 on Twitter advertising on Nov. 10-16, down from $220,000 on Oct. 16-22. In the first quarter of 2022, before Musk acquired Twitter for $44 billion, Apple placed $48 million in ads on Twitter.

In addition, Musk’s plan to turn Twitter into a public square for “free speech” was challenged Thursday by Kanye West, a prominent black American rapper “Ye.” Ye used the swastika in his tweet.

Musk tweeted in response, “I’m sorry, you’re outrageous. This is not love. Ye’s Twitter account was subsequently suspended.

Musk said after acquiring Twitter that Twitter would become a platform for free speech of different points of view, except for those that violate the law with information and comments. Subsequently, Twitter gradually restored the accounts of a large number of Twitter users who were previously considered by the Twitter platform to spread “false news” about the epidemic, and with the support of polls, restored the deleted accounts of former President Trump.

On the issue of suspending Ye’s tweet, Musk is currently receiving criticism from both the left and right ends. Supporters of his minimum content censorship criticized him for suspending Ye’s tweet and giving in to the “Woke Mob.” At the same time, critics who pressed Musk to resume previous “content censorship” said that Musk’s suspension of Ye’s tweet was not enough to solve the problem of right-wing extremists using the Twitter platform to spread “hate” speech.

Musk tweeted in response on December 2, saying, “When the far right and far left are dissatisfied at the same time, you know Twitter is doing a fair job.” Twitter aims to serve the middle 80%, of those who want to learn, laugh, and participate in rational debate. ”

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