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Harris sends clear message to APEC about U.S. roots in Indo-Pacific

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris (Kamala Harris) told the leaders of participating countries at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit held in Bangkok, Thailand on November 18 that the Un

US vice president Kamala Harris told APEC leaders on Friday (November 18) that the United States has an enduring economic commitment to the Indo-Pacific region and its prosperity, which the United States will take root in the Indo-Pacific region.

Harris, who represented the united states at the APEC leaders’ summit, also said that the united states is a proud Pacific power and has vital interests in promoting an open, interconnected, prosperous, secure, and resilient Indo-Pacific region.

Harris emphasized, “The united states has an enduring economic commitment to the Indo-Pacific region, not measured in years, but in decades and generations. For this region, there is no better economic partner than the United States. “

Harris’s speech was delayed as leaders of the united states, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada met after receiving news that an intercontinental missile launched by North Korea had fallen into Japanese waters, the Associated Press reported. An emergency meeting. At the meeting, Harris condemned North Korea’s missile test as a flagrant violation of multiple UN Security Council resolutions.

Harris said that North Korea’s actions undermined security within the Indo-Pacific region and unnecessarily escalated tensions. The unbreakable commitment of our Indo-Pacific alliance.”

US President Biden and vice president Harris have been emphasizing and demonstrating the US’s commitment to the Asia-Pacific region for a week to counter China’s growing influence in the region. before this, Biden participated in the ASEAN summit held in Cambodia and the G20 summit held in Bali, Indonesia, and took the opportunity to have the first face-to-face meeting with Xi Jinping since he entered the White House.

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Harris also said at the APEC summit that the billions of dollars in infrastructure investment that the united states and other G7 countries have initiated to aid developing countries is high-level, transparent, climate-friendly, and can not let Some countries be mired in unmanageable debt.

Harris also highlighted the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework launched by the united states earlier this year. The framework, which includes economies representing 40 percent of global GDP, is committed to equitable growth, high environmental and labor standards, and strong private sector partnerships, she said.

Nearly 30 percent of U.S. exports attend the Indo-Pacific region, and U.S. companies invest about $1 trillion a year within the region, she said.

Harris emphasized, “The us handles these relationships based on cooperation, sustainability, transparency, and fairness. Through our efforts, we will continue to maintain and strengthen those international economic rules and norms that protect free markets and create predictability and stability. this is often critical to protecting companies from arbitrary interference, protecting some countries from economic coercion, and protecting workers’ rights.”

Harris assured the APEC summit that strengthening cooperation and relations with the Indo-Pacific region may be a cross-party priority for the United States and will be long-lasting.

She said that as countries move forward, companies and economies within the Indo-Pacific region will find that the United States brings a great opportunity to the region, an America that upholds the rules of the game and helps all countries build prosperity.

Vice President Harris and other APEC leaders are expected to discuss the war in Ukraine, soaring inflation, food and energy shortages, and a more aggressive China.

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Over the weekend, Harris will hold talks with Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha that will focus on expanding cooperation on climate change, clean energy, and sustainable development. they are also likely to discuss the situation in Myanmar, where violence has escalated since the military took power last year.

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