Tragic Demise of Parasite Actor Amidst Drug Investigation

Lee Sun-kyun

Renowned Career:

Lee Sun-kyun, born in 1975, gained fame in Korean cinema with his standout role in Parasite, earning international acclaim.

Parasite Success:

The actor played Park Dong-ik in Parasite, contributing to the film's Oscar triumph and winning a Screen Actors Guild award.

Versatile Portfolio:

Beyond Parasite, Lee's career included projects like Payback, Diary of a Prosecutor, and the Apple TV Plus series Dr. Brain, showcasing his versatility.

Latest Film:

His final film, Sleep, a horror drama featured at the Cannes Film Festival, added to his list of critically acclaimed works.

Tragic Discovery:

Lee Sun-kyun was found dead in a car at a Seoul park, prompting investigations into the circumstances surrounding his death.

Distress Call:

His wife's distress call to the police, citing a message resembling a suicide note, initiated the search for the actor.

Drug Investigation:

Lee Sun-kyun was under police investigation for alleged illegal drug use, particularly at the house of a high-end bar hostess in Seoul.

Marathon Interrogation:

The actor endured a 19-hour police interrogation, emphasizing the severity and complexity of the ongoing investigation.

Blackmail Claims:

Lee asserted being blackmailed by another party involved in the case, highlighting a twist in the unfolding controversy.

Negative Drug Tests:

Despite accusations, Lee tested negative in two drug tests, raising questions about the validity of the allegations.

Polygraph Request:

In a bid to prove his innocence, Lee requested a polygraph test, urging a scientific approach to determine truthfulness.

Legal Ramifications:

South Korea's strict drug laws add a layer of complexity to the case, with potential legal consequences for the actor.

Public Apology:

Lee Sun-kyun expressed regret and apologized for the distress caused in a statement to reporters before the investigation.

Family's Grief:

After his death, Lee's family, represented by HODU&U Entertainment, pleaded for accuracy in media coverage to honor his final journey.

Police's Response:

While regretting Lee's death during the investigation, the police clarified that the inquiry was conducted with his consent, providing context to the unfolding events.