Breaking: Modi Russia Visit to Redefine Indo-Russian Relations

Modi Russia Visit

PM Modi Russia visit for a crucial summit with Putin, aiming to strengthen ties amid global shifts. Explore key issues from defense to trade shaping this landmark diplomatic meeting.

Pope Francis Expresses AI Concerns at Historic G7 Summit

Pope Francis

Pope Francis made history as the first pontiff to attend the G7 summit, where he sounded the alarm on the ethical risks of unfettered AI development unchecked by human values.

Malawi Vice President Plane Crash: Nation in Mourning after Tragic Loss

Malawi Vice President Plane Crash

Malawi Vice President Plane Crash: The nation grieves as Vice President Saulos Chilima and others tragically die in a plane crash, sparking a wave of condolences and a search for answers.

Climate Change Health Impacts: Understanding the Urgent Risks to Human Well-being

Climate Change Health Impacts

Climate Change Health Impacts: Explore the critical health risks posed by climate change, from air pollution to extreme weather events. Discover how these impacts affect every stage of life and what actions can be taken to safeguard our health and future.

Malawi VP Missing: The Mysterious Disappearance of Saulos Klaus Chilima’s Plane

Malawi VP Missing

Malawi VP Missing: Malawi’s Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima’s plane has gone missing, sparking a nationwide search and concern. Stay updated on the latest developments in this unfolding story.

Israel-Gaza Conflict 2024: Israeli Army’s Hostage Rescue Operation Kills 274 Palestinians, Clashes Escalate

Israel-Gaza Conflict 2024

Israel-Gaza Conflict 2024: Israel’s hostage rescue op in Gaza kills 274 Palestinians as clashes escalate. US pushes for ceasefire as Hamas holds hostages, death toll rises.

H5N2 Avian Influenza: World’s First Fatal Case Confirmed in Mexico

H5N2 Avian Influenza

Learn about the world’s first confirmed fatal case of H5N2 avian influenza in Mexico. The patient had no history of contact with poultry, and the source of exposure remains unknown. Read more about this significant health event.