Election 2024: Modi’s Coalition Conundrum in Indian Politics

Election 2024 result updates

In a surprising turn of events, PM Narendra Modi seeks new alliances. Explore the strategic shifts and potential impacts on India’s political landscape post-parliamentary election 2024.

India Election Results 2024: Modi’s BJP Faces Congress Challenge

India Election Results 2024

Explore the India Election Results 2024 as PM Modi’s BJP seeks alliances and the Congress makes significant gains. Get insights on the coalition dynamics and the evolving political landscape in India.

Claudia Sheinbaum Elected Mexico’s First Female President: Historic Victory Amidst Challenges

Claudia Sheinbaum

Claudia Sheinbaum’s historic election as Mexico’s first female president marks a new era. Her victory reflects a commitment to progressive policies and a strong voter turnout, despite challenges posed by violence and cartel activity.

India’s General Election 2024: Modi Projected to Win Third Term Amid Hindu Nationalism Surge

India's General Election 2024

Modi’s BJP expected to win India’s General Election 2024 in a landslide amid Hindu nationalism surge. Exit polls project 353-401 seats as opposition cries foul. Analysis of results, voter concerns, and market impact.

Biden-Trump Debate Schedule Set for June and September Showdowns

Biden-Trump Debate

Explore the upcoming Biden-Trump debates: key dates and insights on the presidential candidates’ face-off in June and September, shaping the 2024 election.

Putin Inauguration 2024: West Boycotts as Ukraine War Tensions Escalate

Putin Inauguration 2024

Putin Inauguration 2024: Russia’s leader sworn in for 5th term amid Western boycotts over Ukraine war, raising nuclear tensions with U.S. and allies.

Maldives-China Relations: Election Win Puts Island Nation on Path Towards Closer Beijing Ties

Maldives-China Relations

Maldives China Relations: The recent landslide election victory of the pro-Beijing National People’s Congress party in the Maldives could signal a shift towards closer ties with China and distance from traditional ally India in the Indian Ocean region.

Navigating the Marijuana Legalization Debate: Perspectives, Policies, and Political Implications

Marijuana Legalization Debate

Explore the marijuana legalization debate, federal policies, and contrasting views of presidential candidates. Discover how this issue impacts voters and the upcoming elections.

Solomon Islands Election 2024: Sogavare Clings to Power Amid Uncertainty Over New Government Formation

Solomon Islands Election 2024

Solomon Islands Election 2024: Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare claims narrow victory and aims to retain control over security matters as parties compete to form a new government after the April 24 polls that drew international attention due to the country’s security pact with China.