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Lakshadweep Visit: PM Modi’s Presence Draws Maldives’ Social Media and Government Officials into Controversy over India’s Security

Lakshadweep vs Maldives

A post by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on his recent visit to Lakshadweep, how did social media comments from Maldives be brought out? How is this related to the situation of the Maldives government in India late in India? We explain.

All this has been taken that there was a series of posts at X later this week from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which tourism in Lakshadweep islands to shut down social media war between politicians, government officials and Indian social media users of Maldives. Used to promote

Referring to his journey in the central region earlier this week, the Prime Minister talked about “the amazing beauty of his islands”, saying “for those who wish to embrace courage in them. , Lakshadweep has a list for you. “

In his official statement, neither the Prime Minister nor any other Government of India official popularized the Maldives or any other island nation with tourists while promoting Lakshadweep. So how does it increase social media comments, and how is it related to the situation of late Indian government of India?

How comments against India started in Maldives

Immediately after PM Modi’s post, some major Maldivian social media users replied that with a large scale on Indians, as well as with targeted aggressive and derogatory comments on the Prime Minister. Among them was Maryam Shuuna, the youth of the youth empowerment, information and art of Maldives, who wrote: “What a clown. Israel Sri Narendra diver’s puppet with life jacket. #Visitmaldives #SunnySideoflife ”. Now in a post made in a post, Shuuna also compared India to cow dung. Another Deputy Ministry, Malsha Sharif, an associate from Shuuna in the Ministry of Youth Empowerment and the Ministry of Information and Arts in the Maldives, made similar derogatory remarks against India and the same derogatory remarks about the tourism campaign in the Maldives.

maldives 1

A member of the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives shared a picture, it is believed that the Bora Bora Islands in French Polynesia believed that it was an image of an island resort in Maldives. “Set in Suraj Maldives. You did not see it in Lakshadweep. #Visit Maldives. CC: @narendramodi ”(SIC), Maaiz Mahmood wrote.

Maldives 2

After this, a handful of Maldivian news websites, which were making sensational headlines in Dhiwi language, said that India started a campaign against tourism in Maldives. Other Maldivian social media users did not take a long time to hang and join Bandwagan, where they began to compare between the Maldives and Lakshadweep Islands and advocated insults and aggressive comments.

The issue increased when diplomatic and high -ranked officials took over, repeated, shared derogatory words in November last year in President Mohammad Muizu’s government and encouraged this conduct. Many fight with head-first in arguments and anonymous Indian social media users.

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In response to the efforts of the Government of India to promote tourism in Lakshadweep, officials of the ruling alliance of Maldives’s Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and People’s National Congress (PNC) have pushed the #Visitmaldives hashtags – including photos. Holiday resorts, beaches and hotels in the country. Some Maldivian social media users have so far gone to claim that Lakshadweep is not Indian territory and is from Maldives.

What has Maldivian social media users accused India?

Some social media users began to level allegations against India that they tried to “compete” with their country as an alternative to a tropical holiday for passengers.

“This step is great. However, the idea of competing with us is confused. How can they provide the service provided by us? How can they be so clean? Permanent smell will be the biggest decline in the rooms, “Zahid Rameez, a party member of the Progressive Party of Maldives and a member of the Senate.

These posts inspired other users to post a wide range of racist comments against Indians and Indian tourists, which travel to Maldives.

According to the official government data of the Maldives, Indian tourists are one of the top ten nationalities consecutive who travel to the island every year. In 2023 alone, among tourists traveling to Maldives, Indians formed the largest group of tourists with over 200,000 passengers, followed by tourists from Russia and China. According to a paper from Michigan State University, Maldives is very dependent on more than 28 percent of its GDP tourism and industry.

Some Indian social media users in turn vowed not to travel to Maldives for their holidays and encouraged the boycott of hotels and resorts in Maldives. Others have posted about various methods in which India offered Maldives to Maldives in response to fake fake by Maldives social media users, offering some more famous aspects of bilateral cooperation between the two countries. “We established the Maldives tourism industry based on the principles of hospitality, tolerance, peace and harmony. Through strategic status and cooperation with global brands and investments, including the people of India, we have successfully deployed Maldives as a major luxury resort destination… A friendly and humble approach promoting positive relations with all countries Keep, “In a post on X, former Tourism Minister of Maldive Ahmed Edib said,” condemning the derogatory and racist comments made by a group of politicians of Maldives towards PM Modi. ” And dear citizens of India ”.

What explains the anti-India sentiments among a section of the Maldives population?
Anti -India sentiments are not new in Maldives. For some time in 2020, the ‘India Out’ campaign began as an on-ground protest in the Maldives and later spread widely into social media platforms using the phrase with the respective hashtags.

By the second half of 2021, it had evolved into an active and visible political campaign, which was constant by the Ibrahim Mohammed Solih government (in power between 2018 and 2023). Former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom openly advocated and promoted the ‘India Out’ campaign.

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While the supporters of the campaign claimed that they had to protest what they said to the Indian military presence in the country, they actively targeted all aspects of India-Mala relations.

When the Muizu government came to power after the presidential elections last year, it is set to work to fulfill the promises of a campaign that was done by the PPM-PNC alliance. In December 2023, at the COP28 Climate Summit with Indian authorities, Muizu said that the Government of India agreed to withdraw its soldiers from Maldives, which has two helicopters in the country and a dornier aircraft given to Maldives Was in the country to operate and manage. By India.

The Muizu government is also seen as eager to develop close relations with China. The Chairman of the Maldives is scheduled to travel for a state trip to China from 8 to 12 January, the Chinese Foreign Ministry made the announcement last week.

Has these posts criticized in Maldives?

Not all supported the attitude of Muizu government officials. Ahmed Faris Maumoon, president of the Maldives Reform Movement Party, posted on X, “The government should reprimand public officials who are derogatory to the heads of the state and high officials of friendly countries. If such punitive action is not taken, it is a place to interpret that derogatory comments are condemned by the Maldives government ”.

In a post on X, former President Mohammad Nasheed said, “What language is a terrible language towards the leader of a prominent colleague by the Maldives government official @Shiuna_M, which is important for the safety and prosperity of the Maldives. @MMUIZZU GOV should remove themselves from these comments and India should give clear assurance that they do not reflect the government’s policy. ,

Some opposition politicians and career diplomats in the Maldives have criticized the current crop of government officials in the Muizu government and said that the incident should not reflect the Maldivian hospitality nor does it reflect bilateral relations for decades.

One criticism that he has level that some officials in the Muizu government have lacking experience and understanding of diplomacy and their roles as representatives of a government. While politicians or party members have the freedom to pursue unstable rhetoric while campaigning before the elections, it is very difficult to do this, because as a leader of a nation or a government official or minister, an analyst by an analyst for this report Interviewed, said while requesting oblivion.

Some of the supporters of the PPM-PNC alliance who actively campaigned for the Maldives presidential elections, now captured important roles in the government, and some, especially in Maldives, were involved in the youth strong ministry, information and art in Maldives. In the end of this week, in aggressive rhetoric and provocation.

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“A fourth minister of the cabinet is an experienced minister, and was in the previous PPM government. But one thing is that all of the 12 cabinet ministers kept educational qualifications up to the masters level. However, some of them had never worked in the civil service or government before, ”requested an oblivion by an expert in Maldivian domestic politics to indianexpress.com.

Hours after moving on social media, the Maldives National Party issued a statement stating that it “condemns the racist and derogatory remarks made by a foreign officer against a foreign head of the state. It is unacceptable. We urge the government to take necessary action against those involved. ”

Has the Maldives government reacted?

24 hours after moving on social media, Maldives’s Foreign Ministry was forced to issue a statement. “The government of Maldives is aware of derogatory remarks on social media platforms against foreign leaders and high ranked persons. These opinions are individual and do not represent the ideas of the Maldives government, “Mizu’s office said and said that it would not hesitate to take action against those making such derogatory remarks”.

“The government believes that freedom of expression should be used in a democratic and responsible manner, and in ways that do not obstruct hatred, negativity and intimate relations between Maldives and its international partners.”

However, after the ministry’s statement, Maumoon said in a post on X that it was “almost enough. There is no acceptance of responsibility, but a defense that government officials have the right to violate the official policy …”

Local media in Maldives reported a suspected cyber attack against several websites related to the Maldives government including the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Tourism.

After a campaign against tourism in Lakshadweep on Sunday afternoon, Bollywood celebrities and major Indian players launched a ‘Visit Lakshadweep’ campaign. In a post on X, actor Akshay Kumar openly “referred to the comments from Maldives, who passed disgusting and racist comments on Indians, from the major public data.” Kumar wrote, “Surprisingly, he is doing this in a country that sends them to maximum tourists. We are good for our neighbors but why should we tolerate such unprotected hatred. I visited Maldives several times and always praised it, but first dignity. Let us decide #exploreindianislands and support our own tourism. ,

It is unpredictable and unexpected comments, racism and hate that has been directed to Indians and promoted domestic tourism in Lakshadweep that has come as a surprise for people in both India and Maldives. When the relations between India and Maldives were a particularly low during the party lines, and even during the Yameen government, it has been admitted how the citizens of Maldives have traveled and education, health and tourism Has continued to travel to India for Adi. Analysts believe that analysts believe that the conduct by a handful of politicians and government officials of Maldives will affect widespread bilateral relations.

Many major Maldives politicians have reported that the incident on social media provoked by some Maldivian government officials and their supporters has been unnecessary to a neighboring country who has maintained good relations with Maldives.

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