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Trump Wins in New Hampshire: Secures Republican Presidential Primary Victory

New Hampshire Republican presidential primary

Donald Trump secured victory in New Hampshire’s Republican presidential primary on Tuesday (January 23), defeating Nikki Haley.

Shortly after voting closed in the northeastern US state of New Hampshire, Trump was declared the winner. According to the media report, with 22% of precincts reporting vote counts, Trump received 38,755 votes (52.5%), while Haley received 34,444 votes (46.6%).

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who dropped out of the race Sunday night, received 442 votes (0.6%).

The final margin of the vote remains unclear, but calls from some Republicans for Haley, the former ambassador to the United Nations, to drop out of the race are likely to increase.

Earlier on Tuesday, Haley’s campaign vowed that she would remain in the race until Super Tuesday, March 5, when 16 states vote on the same day.

The New Hampshire Democrats also held their primary on Tuesday, but President Joe Biden’s name did not appear on their ballots.

Democrats want to move away from having New Hampshire hold the presidential primary first and instead put the southeastern state of South Carolina first in this cycle.

However, New Hampshire Democrats said state law requires them to hold a primary first, so they will continue to vote. Those who wish to support Biden must put his name on the ballot. 31% of precincts reported that Biden received 366 votes (1.2%).

The New Hampshire primary is the first primary for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

Trump holds a significant advantage in pre-campaign polls, and a decisive victory would put him all but ready to win the Republican presidential nomination for a third consecutive election cycle and set up a rematch in the national election on November 5.

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Biden After serving one term in the White House, Trump lost to Biden in the 2020 re-election campaign.

Haley finished a distant third behind Trump in last week’s Republican caucus elections in the Midwestern farm state of Iowa.

Haley, 52, rushed from one campaign rally to another on Monday, arguing that Trump, 77, has lost some of his mental acuity and that both he and Biden, 81, are too old to compete in the transition from 2025 to 2025. He will lead the country in a new four-year presidential term that began in January.

New Hampshire voters headed to the polls across the state, with polls not closing until the evening in much of the state. As is tradition, the small town of Dixville Notch voted just after midnight, with all six voters casting their ballots for Haley.

The results were inconsistent with pre-vote polling in New Hampshire, which showed Trump well ahead of Haley. A Suffolk University/Boston Globe/WBTS poll released on Monday showed Trump’s approval rating at 57%, while Haley’s approval rating was 38%. Surveys by other news outlets have shown similar support for Trump.

“This is a two-person race,” Haley said Monday on the final day of the campaign.

She believes her candidacy will lead to “new solutions” in the shape of a possible Trump second term. In stark contrast, the latter means “more of the same old.”

“We can either continue to do what we’ve been doing and live in the chaotic world that we have, or we can move forward, without drama, without retribution, and deliver some results for the American people,” Haley told reporters.

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Trump, who has received support from former rivals including DeSantis and tech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, told his supporters that the Republican Party is “becoming more and more the more unity we have,” as he looks forward to eliminating Haley and pitting him against Biden.

“I think one may leave tomorrow, and the other may leave in November,” Trump said. “But it’s time for the Republican Party to come together. We have to come together.”

Even as Trump’s campaign in New Hampshire After a decisive victory in the election and becoming the party’s de facto presidential candidate, he will also face an unprecedented 91 criminal charges in four indictments, one or more of which may go to trial in the coming months. Some of his voters – about 15% – told pollsters they would abandon him and not vote for him in November if he was found guilty of either crime.

The accusations against Trump include that he illegally tried to overturn the 2020 election loss to Biden to stay in power. To this day, he falsely claims that he was denied re-election due to vote counting fraud, even though there is no evidence of irregularities sufficient to reverse the outcome of the election.

In 2020, after a series of early poor performances, Biden’s campaign regained a new lease of life with the help of South Carolina. National Democratic Party officials subsequently agreed to Biden’s request and agreed to officially hold the first Democratic Party event in South Carolina. Primary election.

South Carolina’s Democratic primary will be held on February 3, with the Republican primary three weeks later.

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After voting in each state ends, the Republican Party will formally select its presidential candidate at its national convention in July, while the Democratic Party will hold its national convention in August.

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