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President Biden’s Statement: 2 Years Since Russia’s War on Ukraine | Support for Ukraine Strong

U.S. President Biden issued a statement on Friday (February 23), emphasizing that the United States-led Global Alliance to Support Ukraine, composed of 50 countries, still adheres to its commitment, continues to provide critical assistance to Ukraine, and holds Russia accountable for its aggression. The following is the full text of the statement:

Two years ago, on February 24, near dawn, Russian missiles began to explode near the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Russian troops cross the border into Ukraine. Vladimir Putin’s vicious, murderous campaign against Ukraine begins.

At that time, Putin believed that he could easily conquer and defeat the will and determination of a free nation; he believed that he could sweep a sovereign country and turn the world upside down; he believed that he could shake the foundation of security in Europe and even other parts of the world.

Two years later, we see even more clearly what we knew on day one: Putin miscalculated wildly.

The heroic people of Ukraine are still fighting, and their determination to defend their freedom and future has not yielded. NATO is stronger and more united than ever. The unprecedented 50-nation U.S.-led Global Coalition to Support Ukraine remains committed to providing critical assistance to Ukraine and holding Russia accountable for its aggression.

As the American people and people around the world know, the impact of this battle extends far beyond Ukraine’s borders. Ten years ago, Putin occupied Crimea and installed puppet regimes in Luhansk and Donetsk, Ukraine. Two years ago, he tried to wipe Ukraine off the map. If Putin doesn’t pay for the death and destruction he has caused, then he will push further. The cost will increase for the United States and our NATO allies and partners in Europe and around the world.

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Today, I am announcing more than five hundred new sanctions against Russia over its ongoing war to conquer Ukraine and the death of Aleksey Navalny. Navalny is a courageous anti-corruption activist and the leader of Putin’s fiercest opposition. The sanctions will target individuals linked to Navalny’s imprisonment, as well as Russia’s financial sector, defense industrial base, procurement networks, and sanctions evaders across multiple continents. These sanctions will ensure that Putin pays a heavier price for his foreign aggression and domestic repression.

We are also imposing new export controls on nearly a hundred entities that covertly support Russia’s war machine. We need to take action to further reduce Russia’s energy revenues. I have asked my team to step up our support for civilian society, independent media, and those fighting for democracy around the world.

Two years into this war, the Ukrainian people are continuing to fight with tremendous courage. However, their ammunition is running out. Ukraine needs more supplies from the United States to defend itself against Russia’s relentless attacks, which are backed by weapons and ammunition from Iran and North Korea. That’s why the House must pass the bipartisan National Security Supplement Act before it’s too late.

The bill provides emergency funding for Ukraine. It also invests in America’s own defense industrial base. The bill passed the Senate overwhelmingly and will no doubt pass the House soon if the Speaker calls for a vote. Congress knows that by supporting this bill, we can strengthen security in Europe, strengthen our security at home, and stand up to Putin. Opposing the bill will only benefit him.

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History is watching us. If we fail to provide support to Ukraine at this critical moment, history will never forget it. Now is the time for us to stand firmly with Ukraine and unite with our allies and partners. Now is the time to prove that America stands up for freedom and will not surrender to anyone.

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