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Elon Musk China Visit: The Unanticipated Journey That Stirred India and Boosted Tesla

India was “shocked” and “scorned” by Musk’s surprise visit to Beijing after canceling his visit to India

Washington — Elon Musk’s surprise visit to Beijing to promote Tesla’s autonomous driving system resulted in positive regulatory news for the company in China, leading to a boost in Tesla’s market value. However, his cancellation of a planned visit to India has sparked criticism and speculation in the country, with some questioning his priorities and business ethics.

The timing of the visit, amid escalating economic tensions between India and China, has also raised concerns about India’s ability to attract large companies and reduce its dependence on China. The incident has garnered significant attention on social media and news platforms, with political satirists and commentators weighing in on the situation.

Key Concepts

  • Elon Musk visited Beijing to promote Tesla’s autonomous driving system.
  • Chinese regulatory authorities announced that Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y are compliant with data security requirements.
  • Musk canceled a planned visit to India, citing busy Tesla business as the reason.
  • Indian media criticized Musk’s cancellation, calling it a “scorn” for the country.
  • Speculation arose about Musk’s priorities and business ethics following the cancellation.
  • The cancellation raised questions about the Modi government’s regulatory policies and ability to attract large companies.
  • Musk’s potential visit to India later this year could boost Prime Minister Modi’s campaign for a third term.
  • The incident has garnered significant attention on social media and news platforms.
  • India is looking to reduce its dependence on China amid escalating economic tensions between the two countries.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk China visit surprised the world on Sunday (April 28) and met with senior government officials, including Premier Li Qiang, to strongly promote its fully autonomous driving The system (FSD) has settled in China and has been initially allowed to export user data collected in China overseas for autonomous driving algorithm training.

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During the Elon Musk China visit, a less than 24-hour whirlwind was indeed fruitful, as Chinese regulatory authorities subsequently announced that a number of domestic and foreign electric vehicles, including the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, are compliant with automotive data security compliance requirements.

Bolstered by this good news, Tesla’s market value soared by 680 billion yuan (approximately 94 billion U.S. dollars).

But since Musk canceled his visit to India earlier this month and his meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of his visit to China, Indians are concerned that he will not have time to visit India but will have time to travel to Beijing. Deeply “shocked”. Some media comments in India even called Musk’s move a “scorn” for India.

Musk was scheduled to visit India last week to attend a ceremony to unveil a US$3 billion car factory, but he canceled the trip at the last minute, citing “very busy Tesla business.” At that time, the invitations printed by the Indian government for the ceremony that Musk originally planned to attend had been sent out.

When Musk appeared in Beijing on Sunday, met with Li Qiang, and made progress in bringing his fully autonomous driving system to China, various news stations in India, which usually have a tough and critical attitude towards China, criticized Musk.

Reuters quoted a newsreel broadcast by India’s “Mirror Now” TV station during prime viewing time as saying, “Shoddy ethics or business?” The host of the program said, “Here in India, everyone is Shocked.”

India’s Nine News Channel (News9) aired a clip about Musk on Monday night. The commentary said, “Hello China! Goodbye India!”. The TV station then printed subtitles on the screen: “Very busy Tesla business? Cancel India trip and visit China one week later.”

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Reuters attempted to contact Tesla and Modi’s offices for comment but did not receive a response.

Musk said on April 20 that he looked forward to visiting India later this year. However, the Indian government has not commented on the cancellation of his trip to India or his visit to China.

Reuters reported that Musk’s visit to India, if it takes place, is likely to boost Modi’s campaign for a third term. The announcement of Tesla’s investment case at a time when the campaign is in full swing may be seen as Modi’s emphasis on business. The embodiment of friendly business policy.

As the economic and trade turmoil between the United States and China intensifies, the Modi government has been trying to diversify the supply chain and reduce its dependence on China.

Musk’s cancellation of a trip to India to visit China gave Modi’s opponents an opportunity to attack him.

“This is simply a lack of confidence in the regulatory policies of the Modi government. Large companies have repeatedly abandoned India and chosen China,” Shama Mohamed, the national spokesperson of India’s main opposition Congress Party, said on the social media X platform Said the post.

Indian political satirist Akash Banerjee questioned on a YouTube channel called “Patriot” why Musk had no time to meet Modi but had time to go to China.

“Do you think Modi will forgive Musk in his heart?” Reuters quoted Banerjee as saying:

Banerjee’s video has been viewed 268,000 times in 19 hours.

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