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India Election Results 2024: Modi’s BJP Faces Congress Challenge

India Election Results 2024

Modi wins a narrow majority, but BJP loses seats

New Delhi – The India election results 2024 show Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party falling short of a clear majority, leading to the need for coalition partners to secure a third term. Modi’s leadership and welfare programs have garnered support, but rising unemployment and inflation have impacted his popularity.

The opposition alliance led by the Indian National Congress is on track to gain 232 seats, with a focus on reducing inequality and upholding democracy. The results are seen as a victory for democracy and a setback for Modi, with the Congress Party, expected to double its seat count. Overall, the election highlights the diverse perspectives and priorities of the Indian electorate.

Key Concepts

  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s coalition falls short of a clear majority in parliament.
  • Modi’s declining popularity is attributed to his fading charm and reliance on allies.
  • Critics view Modi as a polarizing and divisive figure.
  • Despite not achieving a majority, Modi secures a third term as Prime Minister.
  • Rising unemployment and inflation impact Modi’s popularity.
  • The opposition alliance led by the Indian National Congress gains support with a focus on reducing inequality and upholding democracy.
  • The results are seen as a victory for democracy and a setback for Modi.
  • The BJP faces losses but makes gains in some states, helping to build a pan-India party brand.
  • Mixed reactions to Modi’s economic improvements and the presence of a strong opposition for democracy’s sake.
  • Indian stocks fell after the BJP failed to win a clear majority, signaling uncertainty in the business community.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s coalition is on the verge of securing a slim majority in parliament, but a strong opposition challenge has reduced his party’s tally, reflecting his declining support after 10 years in power.

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Modi’s “Bharatiya Janata Party” (BJP) and its allies won 293 of the 543 electoral seats in the lower house of parliament.

“The people have trusted the National Democratic Alliance for the third time in a row! This is a historical achievement for India,” Modi said on X. “We will continue the good work of the past 10 years and continue to realize the aspirations of the people.” He said on Tuesday, June 4, he showed victory at the Bharatiya Janata Party headquarters on Sunday evening.

The National Democratic Alliance is led by the Bharatiya Janata Party, but the BJP itself may not get a clear majority. The party currently has 240 seats in the vote count ahead of Tuesday night, well below the 272 needed for a majority and well below the 303 it won in 2019. This caused Modi a huge setback.

Analysts say this shows Modi’s charisma is fading. Modi is running a presidential-style campaign and the BJP is relying on him to win votes. But he must now rely on allies to form the next government. Critics say Modi is a polarizing and divisive figure.

Political analyst Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay said, “Modi has never cooperated with alliance partners in the past and has always been a leader on his own. But his own party does not have a clear majority, and he needs to be a more humble prime minister and work with his allies.”

While Modi may not get the overwhelming majority expected by his party and exit polls, he will become only the second Indian prime minister since Jawaharlal Nehru to win a third term.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seen as a strong leader who has built support for welfare programs and a strict Hindutva populism. But analysts say rising unemployment, especially among young people, and high inflation have cut into his support.

“I don’t see any wave rising for Modi on the ground,” said political analyst Neerja Chowdhury. “The opposition is also fighting well. They are not giving up this time. Their campaign is full of energy and vitality.”

The BJP suffered its biggest losses in the key state of Uttar Pradesh, where vote counts showed it won only about half of the 80 seats. The party’s biggest defeat came in Faizabad, where Modi inaugurated a huge Hindu temple in January, which was praised by many Hindus and was expected to boost support for Modi.

The opposition alliance of about 20 political parties led by the Indian National Congress has received a huge boost and won 232 seats, almost doubling the current 119 seats. The coalition’s campaign platform is to reduce the gap between rich and poor and safeguard democratic institutions.

India Election Results 2024 party wise
Credit: ECI

The opposition coalition criticized the unemployment problem and accused Modi of undermining India’s secular system, cracking down on political opponents, and not tolerating dissent.

“It shows that India has become a more competitive democracy. It also shows that the people are against the slide into an authoritarian regime,” Mukhopadhyay said.

The results are also good news for the Congress party. The party is on track to gain about 99 seats, nearly double the number that analysts said could give the Congress a new lease of life after heavy defeats in the previous two elections.

The Congress party called the election a victory for democracy and public opinion against Modi.

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said, “Our fight is not against a political party but to save the Constitution.”

Gandhi said, “The country has made it clear that we do not want Modi and (Home Minister) Amit Shah to run the country.”

Other opposition leaders said Modi had lost his credibility.

Some Positive News

Despite the BJP’s defeat, there is some good news. It is about to win in the eastern state of Odisha and is doing well in some southern states. That would help the BJP build its image as a pan-India party, which for decades relied largely on support from states in the north and west with large populations and popular Hindutva populist programs.

Reactions on the streets after the election were mixed. Young people in the commercial hub of Gurgaon said they were happy to see Modi, a leader seen as improving India’s economy, continuing to lead the country.

Undergraduate student Varun Singh said, “The country has developed well since Modi came. He supports the younger generation.”

Others welcomed the election results for different reasons.

New Delhi resident Purnima Mehta said, “It’s good that we will have a strong opposition because democracy requires checks and balances.”

Indian stocks fell 5.74% after the Bharatiya Janata Party, seen as business-friendly and pushing for more reforms, failed to secure a clear majority.

Some 642 million people voted in the world’s largest election, accounting for about 66% of registered voters. The election stretched over six weeks in the scorching summer heat.

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