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Israel Reclaims Gaza Border Control Following Another Night of Airstrikes

Israeli soldiers maintain a watchful presence along the Gaza Strip border (October 10, 2023).
Israeli soldiers maintain a watchful presence along the Gaza Strip border (October 10, 2023).

The Israeli military announced on Tuesday (October 10) that it had regained control of the Gaza border, laid landmines in areas where the fence had been torn down, and found the bodies of approximately 1,500 Hamas militants in the territory.

IDF spokesman Richard Hecht said that no Hamas militants have entered Israel since the evening of Monday (October 8), but there is still the possibility of infiltration.

After Hamas launched a bloody attack on Israel last weekend, the Israeli military carried out a series of air strikes and a comprehensive blockade of the Gaza Strip and called up 300,000 reserve troops, triggering speculation that Israel may launch a ground attack on the Gaza Strip.

According to the media and eyewitness accounts, Palestinian apartment buildings, mosques, and hospitals were attacked, and some roads and houses were destroyed. Israel also bombed private Palestinian telecommunications companies, potentially affecting landline, internet, and mobile phone services.

Israel continued its bombardment of the Gaza Strip on Monday night. The Israeli military said it struck targets in the Gaza Strip from sea and air, including a weapons depot said to belong to Islamic Jihad and Hamas targets along the Gaza coast.

Hamas armed forces spokesman Abu Obaida threatened on Tuesday (October 9) that as long as Israel continues to bomb the people of Gaza without warning, “one Israeli hostage will be executed every time.”, and the entire process will be videotaped and recorded, and broadcast to the outside world.

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The Israeli military did not immediately respond to the threat. Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen previously said Hamas held more than 100 Israelis hostage during the weekend’s deadly incursion.

Palestinians said they received phone calls and cell phone audio messages from Israeli security services telling them to leave the main areas in northern and eastern Gaza and warning that the army would launch operations there.

Dozens of residents of Gaza City’s Remal district fled their homes. “We fled with our children, grandchildren, and daughter-in-law. We became refugees. We have no safety and security. What kind of life is this?” said 73-year-old resident Salah Hanouneh.

The conflict between Israel and Kazakhstan has entered its fourth day. According to previous statistics, the conflict has killed nearly 2,000 people on both sides.

Israeli TV reported that the death toll in Israel from Hamas attacks rose to more than 900, with at least 2,600 injured and dozens of people captured. Gaza’s health ministry said on Monday that Israeli air strikes had killed at least 687 Palestinians and injured 3,726 others.

This is the largest Israeli-Palestinian conflict in fifty years, and there is also the concern of expanding the front line. Lebanese militant group Hezbollah fired more rockets and artillery shells into Israel on Monday in retaliation for the killing of three militants. Israel has deployed tanks to the border with Lebanon.

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