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New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern Announces Resignation, saying She was “out of fuel in the tank”

New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern left the press conference venue with her boyfriend after announcing his resignation on January 19, 2023
New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern left the press conference venue with her boyfriend after announcing his resignation on January 19, 2023

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern unexpectedly announced her resignation, saying she had done everything for the country and that she was “out of gas in the tank.” People from all walks of life, including the opposition, have praised her.

Ardern said at a press conference on Thursday (January 19, 2023) that she would step down by February 7 and announced that a general election would be held in October this year and that she would not seek re-election.

Ardern, 42, said it had been a privilege to serve as New Zealand’s prime minister for nearly six years, but there were many challenges. She says it takes a lot of energy to continue the job and face unpredictable challenges, but she’s running out of energy.

Ardern said she looks forward to taking her children to school and marrying her boyfriend soon.

During his nearly six years as Prime Minister, Ardern has been praised for his compassionate and resilient approach.

Christopher Luxon, leader of New Zealand’s main opposition National Party, said in a statement, “On behalf of the National Party, I thank Prime Minister Ardern for his service to New Zealand. She gave everything she had to do this extremely difficult job. I wish her and her family all the best for the future. Thank you, Jacinda. ”

Australian Prime Minister Albanese said, “Jacinda Ardern has shown the world how to lead a country with wisdom and strength. She has demonstrated that compassion and insight are strong leadership qualities. ”

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Over the past year, however, inflation in New Zealand has soared to its highest level in nearly 30 years, even as the central bank has made big moves to raise interest rates in an attempt to control inflation. Moreover, crime is on the rise in this largely peaceful and indisputable country. These factors have affected people’s confidence in Ardern’s governance.

In the diplomatic and defense realms, Ardern’s New Zealand government is considered a less vigilant and too moderate member of the US-led Five Eyes alliance that is less vigilant and too moderate with China.

But after China signed a security agreement with the Solomon Islands last year, New Zealand is getting tougher on issues of security in the South Pacific and China’s growing influence.

Before meeting with China’s president in Bangkok in November, Ms. Ardern said she would raise concerns with Mr. Xi about the Chinese rights record and geostrategic tensions.

A month later, in a joint interview with The Associated Press and the Australian Press (AAP), she said China had changed in recent years under President Xi Jinping and that these changes were prompting New Zealand to rethink supply chain issues and how not to rely too heavily on the single market.

More than a quarter of New Zealand’s exports go to China. She said New Zealand farmers and other exporters faced a problem of how to remain resilient.

Ardern’s Labour Party will elect a new leader to succeed the prime minister on Sunday until the national election in October.

Political observers say recent polls show that while support for Ms. Ardern as prime minister remains strong enough, support for her Labour Party is declining.

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