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Samsung Galaxy S24 Series: Features, Pricing, and AI Enhancements Unveiled

Samsung Galaxy S24

Samsung, a leading player in the smartphone industry, recently introduced its highly anticipated Galaxy S24 series during the Unpacked event on January 17. This latest lineup includes the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra, each equipped with noteworthy updates and advancements. In addition to the customary processor upgrades, Samsung has integrated cutting-edge AI technology from Qualcomm and Google, revolutionizing the user experience and elevating photography capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy S24: Pricing and Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is priced competitively, with the base Galaxy S24 starting at $799.99, the Galaxy S24 Plus at $999.99, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra at $1,299.99. While these align with Samsung’s premium flagship pricing, it’s noteworthy that the Galaxy S24 Ultra commands a $100 premium compared to its predecessor. Preorders for these devices are already available through Samsung, Amazon, Best Buy, and various carriers. The phones are set to be fully released and accessible for purchase from carriers and retailers starting January 31.

During the preorder phase, Samsung offers the enticing deal of doubling the storage capacity at no extra cost. Additionally, the trade-in values for old phones are at their peak during this period, providing users with an opportunity to make the new Samsung Galaxy S24 phones more affordable. Depending on the model and the condition of the traded-in device, users may even secure a new phone for free.

Samsung Galaxy S24: New Features

Samsung has introduced several key changes across all Galaxy S24 models, with the Galaxy S24 Ultra receiving the lion’s share of updates. All phones in the lineup are powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Optimized for Galaxy processor from Qualcomm, promising top-tier performance that is yet to be tested.

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In terms of design, there are subtle alterations to screen sizes. The base Samsung Galaxy S24 model now boasts a 6.2-inch display, up from 6.1 inches, while the Galaxy S24 Plus has increased to 6.7 inches from 6.6 inches. Notably, the Galaxy S24 Ultra maintains its 6.8-inch size but ditches the curved display edges for a more user-friendly flat-edge design. The Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus also feature redesigned, less-rounded edges for a sleeker appearance.

A notable modification in the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the shift from an anticipated 10x optical zoom lens to a 5x optical zoom lens for the second zoom camera. Despite the numerical reduction, the Galaxy S24 Ultra can still capture photos with 10x zoom using a pixel binning technique, cropping into the 5x lens’ 50MP sensor. Samsung justifies this change by citing that more users tend to take photos within the 5x zoom range, thereby prioritizing better photo quality in this range. The claim that zoom ranges beyond 5x will be enhanced with AI introduces an intriguing aspect that requires thorough testing.

The Role of AI in Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

Samsung’s emphasis on AI is a central theme in the Galaxy S24 series. Collaborating with Google, Samsung has implemented its “Galaxy AI” to enhance various aspects, particularly in photo editing and search features. An innovative addition is the “Circle to Search” function, which allows users to circle or highlight any aspect of the phone’s screen for a comprehensive search of the highlighted image or information.

The integration of typing-based AI features aims to assist users in adopting an appropriate tone of voice based on the recipient. The Galaxy AI suite introduces a “Live Translate” function for real-time, two-way voice and text translations during calls.

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For the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which comes with the S Pen, AI takes a prominent role in summarizing handwritten notes, automatically converting them into a digital format, and performing checks for spelling and grammar. This strategic use of AI positions the Galaxy S24 series as a frontrunner in delivering a sophisticated and intelligent user experience.


With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, the tech giant has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of smartphone capabilities. The integration of AI from Qualcomm and Google, coupled with design enhancements and camera upgrades, makes the Galaxy S24 series a compelling choice for tech enthusiasts. As users eagerly await the full release on January 31, the promise of advanced AI features adds an element of excitement and anticipation for what the future holds in the realm of smartphone technology.

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