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Trudeau’s U-turn on Khalistan: First he was strict on Khalistani movement, then took the help of his supporters to form the government.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The Canadian and Indian administrations are currently incredibly tense with one another. Khalistan supporter Hardeep Singh Nijjar was killed, according to allegations made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The Indian government denied this. Then things got worse and the Indian Embassy stopped giving visas to Canadian citizens.

India said that Canadian advocates of Khalistan are openly engaging in anti-Indian actions in this statement. The Trudeau administration has been repeatedly informed of this, but nothing has changed. The question that arises in this situation is why the Canadian government is supporting the Khalistan Movement. After all, the death of a Khalistan supporter remains a cause of tension between the two countries.

We need to go back 8 years in order to look into this. From November 2015 to November 2019 and again from November 2019 until August 2021, Justin Trudeau served as Canada’s prime minister. During both of his terms as prime minister, the Trudeau administration was acutely aware of the Khalistani threat.

Up until 2021, the Canadian intelligence agency continuously monitored Khalistani operations. The scenario altered when Trudeau needed the help of the Jagmeet Singh-led New Democratic Party to form the government because his party did not win a majority in the elections conducted in September 2021. In Canada, Singh is seen as a pro-Khalistani leader.

Learn about Canada’s position on Khalistanis from this 2018 story.

PM Trudeau visited India in 2018

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau visited India from 17-24 February 2018. According to a Canadian government document obtained by Bhaskar, in June 2017 and January 2018, the office of Canada’s National Security and Intelligence Advisor (NSIA) gave briefings to Trudeau about the threat posed by Khalistani terrorists and organizations.

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Its main emphasis was on how the Trudeau administration is restraining Khalistani terrorists and the groups who support them. On February 7, 2018, after briefing Trudeau, the NSIA, at his request, also informed the then-Canadian Defense Minister and five other ministers on matters pertaining to Khalistan. They had all traveled with Trudeau during his trip to India. On Sikh extremism, Canadian politicians who were in India were briefed.

Subsequently, on February 13, NSIA also briefed the intelligence agency Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS) and 12 Members of Parliament on the issue of ‘Sikh extremism in Canada’. After 96 hours, all of them came to India with Trudeau.

The document obtained by the media is part of a Canadian parliamentary committee report, which was presented to the Prime Minister’s Office in October 2018. This 11-member parliamentary committee was formed to investigate the interference of Khalistani organizations in Trudeau’s visit to India in February 2018.

The image was taken in 2018. Following the occasion in Mumbai, the Canadian High Commission had also invited Atwal to Trudeau's ceremonial dinner in Delhi. Trudeau rescinded the invitation as the situation came to light, though.
The image was taken in 2018. Following the occasion in Mumbai, the Canadian High Commission had also invited Atwal to Trudeau’s ceremonial dinner in Delhi. Trudeau rescinded the invitation as the situation came to light, though.

Accused of killing Punjab leader who attended Trudeau’s event

In reality, Mumbai hosted a business and cultural event during Trudeau’s trip to India. In addition, Trudeau engaged in the same activity with his ex-wife Sophia. Jaspal Atwal, a Canadian citizen, was also present, and his picture appeared in the Indian media. Atwal was closely affiliated with Khalistani organizations and was found guilty of killing a Punjabi Congress politician in 1986.

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When questions began to arise about how a person associated with a Khalistani organization accused of murder came into Trudeau’s program, Canadian intelligence agencies blamed the Indian intelligence agency for their mistake. He had said that India wanted to link Trudeau with Khalistani organizations and hence this entire game was created.

The invitation list was approved by Canada’s PM office.

It was later established that the Canadian government and the Canadian High Commission in India were in charge of the guest list and the event’s security. There was no involvement from Indian officials. Following this, news broke that Atwal had received an invitation to the Mumbai event from Canadian MP Randeep Sarai. The report also disclosed that the final permission for the guest list had come from the office of the Canadian prime minister.

Canada’s NSIA at the time Daniel Jean was involved in the entire episode. After it was discovered that he had propagated misleading information in the Canadian media, Jean resigned in May 2022. According to parliamentary records, genes played a significant role. Trudeau was aware of the dangers posed by Sikh criminals because of the planning for his trip to India.

Additionally, the committee claimed in its report to have viewed numerous 2017 and 2018-written official papers while conducting its probe. ‘Sikh radicalism’ in Canada has been thoroughly explained in this.

India repeatedly brought up Khalistan with Canada.

The committee also detailed how India kept bringing up the Khalistan issue in front of Canada in its report. The committee put these things in writing so that it would be clear that the Khalistan problem was a major security concern for both nations. The committee read through 2400 pages of top-secret papers and intelligence reports before putting together this 50-page report.

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Many of the report’s revelations were kept a secret in order to preserve Canada’s goodwill toward other nations. But this demonstrates that, up until 2018, the Canadian government and its security agencies were seriously worried about Khalistani terrorism.

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