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US Military Aid to Ukraine: ‘A Chance’ to Defeat Russia, Says Zelensky

US Military Aid to Ukraine

Zelensky: More US weapons will give Ukraine ‘a chance’ to defeat Russia

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is optimistic about a new weapons omnibus bill that would provide $60.8 billion in US military aid to Ukraine will help to defeat Russia. The urgent need for support to strengthen the military and provide assistance to troops on the front lines has been emphasized, with delays in aid approval resulting in Ukrainian forces suffering losses.

The commander of European Command warned of Russia’s increasing artillery fire and the crucial need for long-range weapons and air defense. Zelensky responded to former President Trump’s remarks about potential territorial concessions, emphasizing Ukraine’s independence and the importance of US support. Once President Biden signs the arms agreement, the Pentagon will be able to quickly deliver supplies to Ukraine to help them succeed in the ongoing conflict.

Key Concepts

  • President Zelenskyy is optimistic about a new weapons omnibus bill to defeat Russia.
  • The US Congress passes $60.8 billion in military aid to Ukraine.
  • Urgent need for support to strengthen the Ukrainian military and assist troops on the front lines.
  • The commander warns that Russia is firing more artillery shells than Ukrainian forces.
  • Biden urges the Senate to pass the bill swiftly to support Ukraine.
  • Zelensky emphasizes the need for long-range weapons and air defense.
  • Zelensky responds to Trump’s remarks about Ukraine giving up territory to Russia.
  • The Pentagon is ready to send more weapons to Ukraine once an arms agreement is signed.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Sunday that a new weapons omnibus bill would give Ukraine “a chance to defeat” Russia, as the U.S. Congress moved closer to approving the bill and getting Joe Biden’s presidential support.

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The House of Representatives passed $60.8 billion in new military aid to Ukraine on Saturday, and the Senate is expected to pass the bill this week and have it signed by Biden.

“I think this support will strengthen the military, and I pray that we need so much support; tens of thousands of troops need so much support,” Zelensky told NBC’s “Meet the Press” through a translator.

“Then we want to do things quickly so that we can get some tangible assistance to the troops on the front lines as quickly as possible, rather than taking another six months to allow them to move forward.” The

The United States is Ukraine’s main wartime contributor. , but Congress’s stalling in approving additional aid has left Ukrainian forces suffering battlefield losses. The war has been at a virtual stalemate for more than two years.

“I urge the Senate to quickly send this omnibus bill to me so I can sign legislation so we can quickly deliver weapons and equipment to Ukraine to meet their urgent battlefield needs,” Biden said after the House voted to approve aid to Ukraine. Gen.

Christopher Cavoli, commander of European Command, told NBC earlier this month that Russia fired five times the number of artillery shells fired by Ukrainian forces. He warned that without more U.S. aid, that ratio could quickly increase.

Zelensky said in an interview with NBC, “We need long-range weapons so that we don’t lose people on the front line because we have casualties because we can’t hit that far. Our weapons don’t have enough range.”

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He also said, “We need air defense. “These are our priorities now.”

Zelensky said this in response to a question about whether this aid would help Ukraine win the war or just prolong it. “It depends on when we get the weapons if we get them in six months.” This process has been stalled for half a year, and we have suffered losses in several directions, both in terms of personnel and weapons.”

Zelensky said. “Now we have the opportunity to stabilize the situation and be able to take the lead, which is why we need these weapons. “Given the specific timetable for the U.S. war, it depends on how quickly they can deliver this aid. There are so many variables and so many factors.”

Zelensky also responded to former President Trump’s recent remarks. He stated that if he wins back the White House in the November election, he will force Ukraine to give up some territory to Russia in exchange for an armistice. Zelensky said, “Rumors and different hearsay—I don’t believe it.”

He also expressed doubts about whether Russian President Vladimir Putin would agree to abide by such an agreement, saying, “You can never trust Putin.”

He said, “The ceasefire strategy should not be based on what Putin said or what some of his people said, but on something very specific, something very visible about Ukraine’s independence and democracy.”

He added. “I believe everyone is interested in this.” “All political leaders are interested in the independence, sovereignty, and democracy of Ukraine.”

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Zelensky countered that the United States is interested in this. Complaining that too much money is being spent on the war and must continue to be done, he said Americans “are first and foremost protecting freedom and democracy across Europe.”

He said, “The U.S. Army is not currently fighting wars to protect NATO countries. The Ukrainians are doing just that. “The civilized world is just providing ammunition, and I think that’s a good decision.”

The Pentagon said that once Biden signs the comprehensive arms agreement, more weapons will be able to be sent to Ukraine.

The Defense Department said it has a storage network of locations in the United States and Europe that can get supplies to Ukraine within days.

“We would love to be able to quickly deliver the amount of security assistance that we think they need to be successful,” Pentagon press secretary Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder said.

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